here’s to not dying today

woke up again

still pissed that the sun rose 

I’m just really really really

not a morning person.


if there was an option

to bury all morning people in a box

I’d do it

then carry on with my

miserable commute

haven’t lashed out at my mom lately

gotten into a fight

nope i am living 

good and boring

the way the Church intended

think about it

only exciting lives skirt around death

tempting to pants him

long life is a supposed sign of heavenly blessing

Church mandates state

you should keep your hands to yourself

quit messing with death

he’s secular and cantankerous

we don’t know who’s next

I’m vexed 

cause death’s party is poppin

the soul isn’t willing

& the flesh is already weak

i see the life i want to live

and know the risks

but without passion and pain

i don’t wish to wake up again.



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