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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I made it my mission to branch out and discover my passion in life, which I thought at the time was basketball. The first poem I ever wrote was dedicated to the sport, but I soon realized that I enjoyed writing about things more than I did playing. This discovery has sparked a life-long journey to becoming a better writer, poet, and painter in my own right.


I currently study at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism and contribute to my family’s design company, Alodie Cloud. 

I have accomplished more of my dream than I ever imagined by being the first self-published author and recognized slam poet among my friends and family. Yet, I hope to gain even more experience in the future, and continue to hone my craft as an artist.

If you have any questions, comments, tips, or inquiries about purchasing any items, check us out on our website or contact me directly through the contact form. 



  1. Manny Martinez Jr. · March 10, 2016

    My name is Manny Martinez Jr, and I would like to invite you all to read my newly released book, entitled The Path of Everyone. It is a compilation of poems I began writing over 20 years ago up to the present day, show the emotional growth and turmoil we each must face along the way. It is available to download on any computer or phone. I hope you all enjoy. Thank you!


    Manny Martinez Jr.

  2. lia Young · December 27, 2014

    Dream huge!! And don’t just dream plan and execute! !

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