Invisible Man

I can disappear

fade the indivisible invisible nigga

bullets burn right through me

the man without a plan 

I stand stark naked 

screaming for you to shoot 

and you do

six times

eight times

forty four

You riddled the air

I’m not there

I’m on an island

combing the sand for sea urchins to bash against the rock

I’m shoveling fufu and egusi into my face with

my family in trap 

blocking the cops for the block party

I am anywhere but here 

school, graduation, another mugging

disappear child disappear

be as dark as the night your ancestors crawled from

teeth shining like stars

be black as the mines

your blood brothers mined for diamonds

fade when you see the guns coming



One comment

  1. Nezra's Opiate · September 7, 2014

    So damn intense. Uncomfortably true.
    Good piece.

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