no no no

all I hear is screams

the knife, bat, and gun

then the screaming comes

thrusts to the stomach


swung to the torso


shots ring out

bloodied finger tips

touching the wounds

he leans

slowly to the side

sighing his last

the nightmares God

make them stop

I want to see heaven

not the things

I’ve done



2,672 Ways To Say I’m Sorry…Starting With

I’m sorry for all the sorries

I’m sorry for being sorry

I’m sorry for this apology

I’m sorry for no one else just me

I’m sorry I didn’t see it

I’m sorry if you felt invisible

I’m sorry if it was tested

I’m sorry we’ve been weighed and measured

I’m sorry for your loss

I’m sorry your gain wasn’t enough

I’m sorry…



Distances Of Longing

When you go away and I can’t

follow you up with a letter,

it is because the distance

between you and me

is shorter than the sound of Oh,

because the words are smaller

than the distance

of my longing.


— By Fawziyya Abu Khalid, Saudi Arabia

Translated by May Jayyusi