give me definition

make me a label

something that molds to fit

tailor suited

call me a feminist

an artist




stereotype me into neatness

shape me

like men’s beards and pubic hairs

Go ahead and tell me exactly who I am

what womanhood I carry

who I should desire to marry, if at all

Look me up and down

and sideways

and frontways

and backways

and longways

until you figure me out

smooth out my rough edges with conviction

Tell the masses you have unlocked the answer

untangle the morass of lies

from those who despise

the vibe off of my vehement pride

whittle some feeble

words that encompass me

hold me in bondage

paint me into a corner

then apply turpentine

to erase every line

that gave me form

because I am without one, like

molecule or matter or breeze

jacoa beans dipped in steam

I am the slip

and putty and change up

in your bloodstream

on the concrete after the rally

And you have yet

And you have yet

And you have yet

to call me by my name

because you know I will answer




One comment

  1. Solianda · February 5, 2019

    Very strong!

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