Hearts Weren’t Born Broken

broken winged

an eagle could not fly

so she dove down to earth

caught the pharoah’s eye

he liked the hurt bird

and without a word

ordered her taken care of


nights they’d watch

the moon unfurl

itself from the sky

his love healed her heart

but still she could not fly


deep in the darkness a coup

burnt his palace to the ground

and slaughtered his child


he wandered

the desert alone


broken hearted

the king could not sing

so he laid

in the salt to die


above the cloud

he heard his eagle cry

with swift wings

she brings

a sack of water and gold


days went by

and the water went dry

fearing for her life

he left

while she slept

plunging into the depth

of the sun

he bargained his soul for her to be spared


where she lay in the sands

rose a lush mountain

she screamed to the heavens



until her claws were stone

awaiting his return.



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