I Think I Fell In Love Today…

i think i fell in love today…

is what he said

over dinner and baked bread

i swallowed whatever it was

boiling in my head

and waited

for the careless callousness

of a passing comment to fade

to blow away inflamed rage

like waves of steam off my sage salmon

to shovel the hurt back down

my throat and drown it

what else had he done today

where had i been

work this morning

salty kiss goodbye?

had that been a sign

no playful banter or texts

grocery shopping i spent an extra hour

trying to get everything on the lists

so i wouldn’t have to make two trips

I’m knee deep in mangoes

because i know he likes them ripe

and he’s out falling in love

a quick surveillance

yields an unsatisfactory availability of weaponry

butter knives

can’t really do damage

…with salmon…




i …cooked

after digesting

what would’ve been

a light dusting

of my own foot

he smirks, tiny


can we eat salmon more often

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