Stormy Weather

I awoke to the silence

asking it to quit talking

the voices

were worse than before

gasoline ignited frights shook me from my sleep

obnoxious ringing in my ear

its the pitter patter I hear

barraging my window in an endless echo

a choppy c note bangs on my heartstrings

I’m a loser

just drown me already

either put me out of my misery or save me

getting pushed further into the abyss

of my subconscious

conscientiously considering breaking down these walls

and burning hidden skeletons

how long can I hold on to this life raft

my arms are strong


to pull others back from the brink

yesterday I stared into the deep

slept walked into the river

and then started to sink

fighting to breathe was too heavy

so I cried a lullaby

I sleep in the eye of a storm

a hurricane

that isn’t done


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