The Ghost In The Mirror

Who’s that ghost in the mirror

fighting through the pain of being alone

making friends with the walls

ignoring phone calls

falling into the floor to find feeling

reeling about how so much is missing

searching obituary listings, dissing

half ass acquaintances  who crossed over already

steady crying jaded tears and drinking beers

bitchin about an empty bed

a hollow kitchen

and a house that’s hardly lived in

pickin dirty dishes out of the sink to eat on

So long since kind words were spoken

silence sounds like broken pipes

bursted, rehearsed it,

that pretty smile fades


as she jumps

off the stool in the living room

Fool, you can’t kill what’s been dead

said the lover

Get me out of your head

fleeting meetings of our heated greetings

are all at an end

bend back into the fold

ascend or stay

either way just do it with out me

learn to bleed

read between the lines


you can allow yourself to live again



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