The One

Everyday you get up for the one.

That Alicia Keys song that was kind of nice once, that’s for the one.

When their eyes feel like the only ones to have ever seen you, that’s the one.

When you can count the beauty marks on his forearm and remember each design, then that’s the one.

Remember that they like honey over sugar,

Remember that their shoulders are broad for a girl, but perfect.

The one isn’t perfection.

Remember that the one is not perfection.

The one will be the one who likes you as a person.

The one will be the one who hates tattoos but loves yours.

The one will be all you need.

Miss the one.

Hold out for the one.

Remember not to pull away,

to tell yourself the truth,

to always tell the one the truth,

because they will always deserve the truth.

The one will deserve a better part of you.

The one may be a dream, question their existence.

The one may be the one to show up when you least expect it.

When everything’s great or all hell breaks loose,

that hole in your heart,

that strength you need,

that one,

that one thing that makes it worthwhile,


I guess that’s the one.


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