Brick Wall


Brick Wall, tell me something

say something about you

anything to make the time


a moment last

turn into years

turn this conversation on its ear, with

a funny joke

tell me what birds smoke

or how it feels when a knuckle is broke

Brick Wall, I think I’m all alone

down here

I was just wondering if you cared

to keep me company

to acknowledge my presence

when my friends didn’t

Brick Wall, you’re tall

really tall and far from where I stand

your tall and long and deep colored stone

won’t speak back at all

I’m almost out of tears to cry

of reasons to fight

to yell and shout

Hey, is something going on up there

is there a party or some secret stair

vagrant vigilantes spray painting graffiti

you got an undercover admirer that only visits

in the night

Wall, you’re cold to the touch

I’m just trying to figure out why you never say much

I love you

and I don’t know why

say something please

it feels like you’re ignoring me


I guess I’ll just leave.

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