High School

These hallways resound

the sound of our breath even when we are not around

to gasp at its fluidly tight air

Our buzzing energy absorbs into every

cinder block

giving spirit to the walls even when they are empty

We give life to the building

of dancing dreams

Circling our fated decisions like Cassius Clay

we enter a vertical, hollow ring


I dodge shoulders on the way to class

Remember to get a pass to see Ms.… Thing

Combinations or Permutations           13 42 13

Certain I can’t finish 2nd’s homework in 1st

First begins with a teacher who didn’t respect me previously

Now works frivolously to see my good nature. What…


We and these hallways are backbiting, jealously warm family

bound together by laws, plaster, and bricks

The longing anticipation to bust free of it

is only so strong when your kin is close

This building builds us up like Big Mama’s hugs


changing us like father’s hate/love

And sibling rivalry seeps into our souls when we past each other in these halls

playing in unrecognizable blood


Friends and hugs        Smiles and PDA

I need to get to class    Get out of my way!

Oh wait it’s you           slow down       we still cool

We have time before it rings                to talk over some things

Ringalingaling… Guess not


We are jungle

Wild and unkempt

These corridors are society’s attempt

To refine and reprint copies of itself

The walls

Enclose us       and      hold us

Cradle             and      mold us

We willfully unwillingly are apart of this building

This cold concrete Mother


I am always surrounded by people and still am alone

I want to go home

No more tests or teacher’s hissy fits

Girls screaming from how hard rumors hit

Am I the only one who’s sick of it?

The mouths move that sit behind the desks

I’m hungry…When’s lunch


These halls will shove us into the Un-




nipping at our memories like starved fledglings

heartbroken that we have flown



I can’t wait

to graduate

But I will miss



Ring…             Ring…                   Ring…

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