The Color Question

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I wonder what color the trees would be if they weren’t green

Maybe they’d envy the sky and be blue

What if I weren’t brown

What if my melanin morphed into red hot like a corvette red

Give adequate reason to associate me with the colors of devils

Justify why I have been outcast amongst civilized people

So when I disrespect my mother

& cock guns to unload clips at my brother

Just call it the devil painted  embedded into the cells of my skin inbreed into future generations

That way you can explain

Sloppy attitudes towards education and infidelity  displayed in fiction

Just say red people are born that way they follow Lucifer its true look at the stance

Too proud for any man and those hands Gifted for music

A tool that the Fallen Angel used to sway the masses


Symbolizing the millions of gallons of a blood shed of a people in constant struggle

We fight monarchy democracy colonization

only the evil bite the hands that feeds you

Imagine the initiator of this secular epidermis raising his hand to God among saint and angels brimming with the purest color there is

But having the life knocked out of him as he crashed to the ground he fermented this

Planet with the people the color of death brown

So that is the rationale behind the apartheid and mass genocide in Africa

That is why our attempts to govern ourselves fails

And the freedom of trafficked humans in the forgotten countries on a black continent

isn’t announced on an international scale


The color of demons and whores

That’s why thousands of black men deserved to be strung up by their necks

& women sexually exploited for centuries dignity torn from between their legs

Then I could understand if I weren’t brown

Perpetrating in this skin that reflects the dirt within

You red like burnt apple cinnamon

Nah I’m red like a crimson letter stitched to our dress big bold and obvious

Like yellow stars watched by Gestapo

Fully clothed in villainous costumes we were born standing in the public square

 Waiting for the pale heroes to smite us with heavy blows

We all know our color makes us easy targets
how about we vote on another color

Pink is too close to red, purple yellow orange reminds me of something like lemon/cool-aid & I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be known as

the sugary artificial dye #4 people

So how about we name ourselves a color that properly represents the flesh bone and soul

The question was so perplexing that I had to go on a search and look for the definition


Brown is a natural down to earth neutral

Found in earth wood and stone

Represents wholesomeness steadfast simplicity

Convey a simple feeling of warmth love & honesty

Then it went onto list synonyms

Chocolate tan mahogany oak

Hazel bronze sienna toast

I decided you could call me whatever you please

Because brown looks pretty fucking good on me

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© Perception 2011,  Ariama Long

One comment

  1. Lia · November 14, 2015

    Amazingly never gets old!

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