Mom’s Roses

images (8)Forces of Zeus and Hera couldn’t stop this tragedy

She felt the stars

Exhilaration of fast cars

excitements of a plane crash, stereo blast

she hung her hair down

her drink up

always looking for her next cup

9 months with me must have caused withdraws

Now she lay passed out on the floor

The angry, the mad in me hadn’t even begun to subside

When the bottle hit her lips

The one I tried to hide

Here she’ll lay, still cold

and the day grows old

weary of staring at the figure on the tile

Gatorade made to fuel her adrenaline

has become her death regimen

as it stained the floor under her dead hands

her blood was thicker than water

thinner than her liquor

Will my will be strong enough to not consider following in her footsteps

My heart is racing, quick reps

I can’t stop the beating

my morals are eating my mind away


My mom was foolish, it will never happen to me

no hospitals hangovers headaches institutions

My life won’t be ruined by this dream

Retreat from the reality that surrounds me

My mom is dead and it haunts me

As Banquo is to Macbeth, she taunts me

Laying on the floor, sitting in his chair

He’s there, she’s there

Can’t you see can’t you see

it’s all on me it’s all on me

it’s my fault im wrong

I should turn and walk away from her addictive Gatorade

But it will take away the pain

Though it takes me to a place

strange aesthetic plane

I’m in a sliver between Earth and space, closer to her heaven

Did i commit a deadly seven?

Maybe two or three because I envy her gluttony towards the bottle

Every swallow I take from the first sip leaves me hollow

On the tile here i lie

my flower withered and died

The world looks so tall and i feel so small

from this angle on the floor

is this what she saw before her guilty spirit soared, convicted

I her soul’s witness

lived the life i testified against

criticized it, realize that

I’m the victim, victimized by her lies

Why didn’t she rise and get up at the very least

All I want is peace

The sound of her hitting the ground to (1)

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