Dream Sequence

I slipped off the couch into my dreams last night. I met a strange man who told me I was going to die. Hesitant, feeling death’s chill rattle my teeth, I mustered a ‘But why as a reply’. Before he could answer, the ground beneath me began to crumble. And I tumble, over the ledge as he shouted at me ‘Unless.’ Wait as my entire life was to disintegrate. My arms and feet flailed in haste as I tried to make sense of my fate. I thought I was meant to do great things or is the future as grim as it seems. The reaper was unclear in his shouts, honestly, my fear of falling, drowned him out.splatter-comics-grim-reaper-small-59374 I can see the ever closing ground now.

The word started to come into focus as I silently licked the air of my demise. It never occurred to me that I should’ve cried for my friends, family, people who loved me. Instead, I thought of swaying into the edge of this cliff side and just ending this. ‘Unless’, resonated through my suicidal thoughts. He must’ve meant it as a sign of hope. Will I live until I am gray and old? How long will it take for my mom to cope? I cannot fly but my spirit floats, maybe I can suspend my impending doom if I can solve this riddle soon.

Unless you change your indifferent ways, there is no hope for us. That’s a heavy load to place on one person. Must I lead this revolution? A cause needs to be inspired first. These words will give birth to the thought that will move people to action, but they need more than a reciprocation of ignorance and violence, or they will tear this place apart. And, bloodshed will no longer be on freedom’s head but rained in the name of revenge on the innocent, the guilty, and indifferent.

Control has to pull in the reins. Set fire to their hearts, then ferment the flames.

Let me know what you think!

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