Waiting in Vain

I’m torn between holding on and letting go

selfish self-preservation is a main goal

but  I’m scared to receive that one phone call

informing me that she’s gone


one of my sisters, a cousin I haven’t talked to in years


Dead Rose

It happened

Not to be nostalgic

but I remember how our ridiculous matching

indian prom dresses caused such a commotion

I found yours in the back of my closet

picture perfect

the anticipation of the high school crew disbanding for college studies

our lives at the tip of a new beginning

Time keeps moving her away, ripped like the pages of our friendship

Guilt motivates the guilty

as she

weighs down steps to purchase dime bags

laced with notoriety

the plight of bouncing through foster homes like basketballs

with substitute parents black as asphalt

Even now I can hear her clattering call

ring through the halls

I’m somewhere between

a past and current status of an aged friendship

tossed by life’s tests

We all need a helping hand

and maybe our paths will converge again

even though I can’t stand in the middle of the road

waiting in vain

for her to come home

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