Letter To My Son

I wrote this in High School, but I dedicate it to my Mom who’s having my little brother…

In case you didn’t know

You see me and make me feel warm

In a world so cold

Like me I guess

So all I can give you is my very best promise

That child these hands will hold you

Until the world stops spinning

Falls off its axis

In another life I was queen

And you will have to accept your destiny

Rule your land

Run your kingdom

Raise your kings and queens to feel compassion

And never regret your bold decisions

Trust them and no one will question

But son do not worry because we were soldiers

Fight with valiance

Only use defiance

When your heart will not allow you to follow direct commands

Fear is an option         Combat commands it of us

Be afraid of the capability of your own hands

Against another

Because you should always first and foremost love your brother

We were slaves

I remember the way you didn’t you didn’t cry when the boat rocked and I remember the way your hair smelled

You kept me from leaping

I was a teacher

You must learn to be a student

Respect me and I will respect you

My job is to harangue  preach  and give speeches

When I feel its necessary

Your job is to listen

Understanding is your greatest tool

And your mind is your greatest weapon

Because it is the only thing an enemy cannot destroy

And son if you remember nothing else

Remember you are descendant of artists

Poetry is your native tongue

And music heats your blood

You have the eyes to see the colors of the grotesque beauty of the world

Cherish who you are and what you can create

And I will always be here for you                                                                        

One comment

  1. Lia · June 21, 2015

    I love this!

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