Self Evident

It’s not so much the truth that bothers

Truths like lies

can sometimes shift

so whether they’re spat or whispered

they’ll always unfold

It’s the lying that kicks up the brick dust

The you can lie to them, we all do it

We’re all a them to someone

Where honesty hung off the tongue ready to dive

there’s only omission

a clean unwillingness

to break down and be an outright liar

Cowardly, feverish, but ready

my truth will lay in wait in trenches of jowls

Let the world have it

when necessary

when commanded

until then

Fuck’em my shit is self evident

To Be Found

We stumble in darkness

warm bodies fumble at frilly things

like love’s cold hands

Feeling for a place to pour into

Trust is reckless

and we’re all strangers here

close enough to touch

desperate enough to connect rushed

relationships to broken parts

We’re bats blind at birth

hugging the walls to get a reading on self-worth

The id & ego are jokers

bouncing around with sneering red pokers

Who were you rigidly tapping

betting on to be your eyes

in this life long search

We’re more afraid with every breath

waiting for that little death

screaming a language unspoken

just hoping

to be found