In His Room

In his room the man watches

light shine on the fruit

the apples gathering shadows

the shadows of resting pears

the watermelon’s gash

of liquid pulp

the ancient figs

among solemn walnuts

at night in his room

the man watches fruit

–Homero Aridjis, Mexico

Poem From The Desert Road

Talaivan says—

Fearlessly, my heart has departed
to embrace my beloved.
If its arms are too slack to hold her
what use is it?
The distances between us stretch long.
Must I think of the many forests
where deadly tigers rise up roaring
like the waves of the dark ocean
standing between us? I don’t dare.

Allur Nanmulla
Kuruntokai, verse 237

—Translated by A. Anupama


the laughter just eases out

we live in a capsule

time slows down

I breathe you in and out

People could be conquered,

galaxies lost,

cities ploughed,

we’ll still be here smiling that damned smile

like we’ve got a secret

and have had one for awhile

hurt piece done

the bad blood boiled, gone

together we fit

puzzle pieces

or dark chocolate in reeses




Every Monday
my life falls into disarray
screaming depression binds me to the bed
Every Tuesday hurts a little less
I pick up the pieces and mull over the rest
Every Wednesday I fall back down
Every Thursday I pick myself up
On Fridays I am born again
On Saturdays I am happy
so happy that I am scared it won’t last
And then on Sundays
the fear manifests
I am alone and shaken by my own happiness
distressed I count the hours
attempt to clean this place
call a friend and when he doesn’t answer
desperately call again
I talk to God for direction
and forget to eat
Lie awake in the cold because I can’t afford the heat
I’m stuck in a stalemate with the wall
wondering how I could want so much
and not enough
Of all the things I thought I’d be
I never knew this could happen to me…

Thank God for the music and the mission for keeping me going