I Just Can’t

The cratered wrinkles have set deep under my eyes

they can’t disguise

this new found insecurity I have with beauty

I just can’t

glare at the mirror staring back

anticipating what you see

except my reflection

flat and imperfect is trapped in the glass

I just can’t 

there are earthquakes beneath my fingertips

why would you entrust your heart 

to someone whose hands shake

I’m trying my best to hold still for you




You hate meimages (20)

because of the color of my skin

You are disgusted by my

supposed inferiority

You act like a devil wielding a whip

because of the way I move and think and speak

and sing


you hate me

because of my pride

strength to work in the blisterin sun

to take a hit and keep on comin

my ability to capture the rhythm of the beat

to have good times when shit’s all bad

to keep my head up when I should feel sad

because I step like a Queen

even though you beat mock torture and abuse

my body but not my soul

No, tell the truth


fear me.