All Armies Are The Same

All armies are the same

Publicity is fame

Artillery makes the same old noise

Valor is an attribute of boys

Old soldiers all have tired eyes

All soldiers hear the same old lies

Dead bodies have always drawn flies

–Ernest Hemingway, Paris 1922

Travel Journal Entry

Travel List:

bug spray






9:42 TGV 9566 platform 1

Hotel de la Comete

196 Boulevard de la Villete, La Villete near 19e

Left here…

June 23rd first impressions:

our ridiculous walk to find the Moulin Rouge 

left my feet blistered and bruised

hungry i am, but money must be preserved 

for the next train

thank god for all the pasta and bread to

fill the belly

Notre Dame made me want to sing to the hunchback

and in between the stares 

constant glares 

i found out that crepes can be savory

graffiti subways

public muggings