Books $4 Sale

Books for sale!chicagodefender

Won’t anyone buy black books for sale!

Come on now people, I’m just a homely poet with books for sale. I’m standing on this corner shouting out a dream, won’t you hear me? I’ve been in the bookstores, soon to be absolute. Might as well cut your losses and buy from me. Nothing in here but fancy decorum and inviting Starbucks sweets, coffees, and treats to dampen your palette while you read. But, needs all that extra when soon the sounds of crisp pages flipping will be replaced by e-note books clicking. Yes folks soon the only sounds you’ll hear are the slow screech of a printing press meeting its demise as newspapers and text give way to convenience. Technology will definitely be on the rise but there is still time!

Come on mister, listen, don’t go in. Beyond those doors is nothing but a heated space for people bumming through books, looking for their next fix, perusing the classics section like looking for loose change in couch cushions. Buying books to dangle on their shelves, framed archaic masterpieces.

If it means that much to you go to the library, it’s cheaper for the consumer. A three ring circus of literature attended by masked and costumed book jugglers with a 5 cent cover charge for the customer. Come see the mastery of tricks never performed before! In town a few nights only featuring an all-star lineup of authors and poets, death0-defying leaps into symbolism and motif threaded through sharp waves of similes and metaphor. That’s what you really yearn for. Go quick before it’s no more than a hollowed tent, a scraped out cantaloupe shell, a discarded and disregarded community center left for demolition. Save the libraries!

old-bookLady, lady wait. Hear this! Haven’t you noticed the separation, the nicely parted Negro sections, labeled African American literature or urban fiction? Why the separation?

Come on guys, pay attention, these matters must needs some clarification, verification for that spark of truth gestating in the back of your mind. Decline what they feed you in search for better food.

But… while you searching, my book’s on sale $4 for 2.