Life Is:

A mystery, Unfold it.

A journey, Walk it.

Painful, Endure it.

Beautiful, See it.

A joke, Laugh at it.

A song, Sing it.

A flower, Smell it.

Wonderful, Enjoy it.

A candle, Light it.

Precious, Don’t waste it.

A gift, Open it.

Love, Give it.

Unlimited, Go for it.

Light, Shine in it.

–Iyanla Vanzant

To Know

The only way to eliminate stress and pain is to stop doing the things

that create it

It is easy to see what others do to us while we forgot the drama

we create for ourselves


Take your pick:

The need to be right

Lack of life purpose

How we think others see you

Trying to fix the world

Dishonesty with self and others

Accepting someone else’s truth

Seeking material wealth over spiritual values

Doing it alone

My way is the right way

Fear of the future

Negative thought patterns

Trying to prove yourself to others

Anger over the past

Telling other people what to do.


It all boils down to “not knowing who we are.”

–Iyanla Vanzant, Acts Of Faith