Arthur Ridgewood,M.D.

He debated whether

as a poet

to have dreams and beans

or as a physician

have a long car and caviar.

Dividing his time between both

he died from a nervous breakdown

caused by worry

from rejection slips

and final notices from the Finance company.

–Frank Marshall Davis


Taste The Rainbow

I’ve always wanted to taste the rainbow

listen to the wind

know what men are thinking

cure my skin problem with those around me

drink a little bit

Learn to jump double dutch

to trust that first leap of a heartbeat when he speaks

hate deeply

truly master an art

to fold towels properly

to listen again

Wax something

Grow something

Write the word write, right, and rite in a sentence

Hold onto secrets and let go of others

Figure out why line breakers and punctuation should be important in poetry

and then blissfullynotcare

Find something I can’t live without

someone I can’t live without


I haven’t been embarrassed in a while so I’m probably due

In the meantime, that’s just some stuff I wanted to do.