Manifest Destiny

The headphones drown out the cries of the hungry as the train rages on like a metallic dragon. She is pretty. The homeless chick. Her voice booms even with the music turned up in my ears, leading me to believe she is well practiced in this art.

You Read Me


you read me

like an open book, plainly

so playfully

i shrug it off

summarize all my lines

you see me clearly

like prescription glasses

you compliment me

though we’re hardly ever in sync

even on pizza toppings we disagree


you will always fight for me

so put down your fists

i will be your gift, shield, and armor

Big Gold Earrings


Dark brown braided down to


mini skirt and tank

hot pink converses

and these huge gold hoop earrings

Lived to party, high

never stayed home

always on the roam with her crew

spiked up

no care

Duran Duran and Slick Rick on blast

blowin through her stash

electric, eclectic

gold door knocker


Well, they went out of style and she settled down tired of being a child. Now she sits back and reminisces of days long since past from her mists. Those hoops aren’t retired just yet

She still pulls’em out and takes’em

for a ride


she’ll always be wild