The Ghetto Is A Silly Thing To Fear

The ghetto is a silly thing to fear

people scabbed into corners of buildings

trying to go on living


you turn to run

suffocating on the scent of trash and weed

Loud music

we use it &

niggardly we

dance to the beat in the streets

shots ring hourly

like the clang of the Bell Of Liberty

ugly mugs hide

scarred childhoods

liberate yourself, leave if that’s all

you need to feel security

but believe you me

don’t think niggers

only reside

on the south side

of some city.


Chlorine Splashes

chlorine splashes 

dirty blue 

untold secrets in this dirty pool

his eyes stare 

cold blooded

hands bare

touching there

his hands in her hair

helplessly i stare frozen to the stair

i feel our eyes touch

children need not see 

the ugly truth that be

Tension so deep that the water sleeps 

he leans into her more 

the terrace shrinks 

with chlorine splashes 

he’s out 

I don’t scream


why don’t i scream

they leave 

count the stars to quiet your racing heart

the sky

the world 

a salty sea splash of dirty blue

drowned with untold secrets



You hate meimages (20)

because of the color of my skin

You are disgusted by my

supposed inferiority

You act like a devil wielding a whip

because of the way I move and think and speak

and sing


you hate me

because of my pride

strength to work in the blisterin sun

to take a hit and keep on comin

my ability to capture the rhythm of the beat

to have good times when shit’s all bad

to keep my head up when I should feel sad

because I step like a Queen

even though you beat mock torture and abuse

my body but not my soul

No, tell the truth


fear me.