who loves me?

who knows…

who knows himself.

who loves

who would leave.

who might?

who needs to be better.

who can tell in this world,

who loves me.

who trusts…

who trusts himself?


who lives in maybes

who regrets this.

who is who is.

who can blame her?

who can. 

who did.

who didn’t?

who wants more?

who always wants more than this.

who can blame him? 

who wants to love harder.

who hurts?

who is hurting.

who has bled.

who sees red. 

who doesn’t see me. 

who, are you…

who, where are you?!

who knew i could beg

who knew

who knew himself.

who loved me. 

who left.

who could blame her. 

who did.