The Dancer

Her only audience, the room

the posters hung, turn their heads, watchin’

the windows jockin’,

admires the glistening girl’s glow

and talks to walls knowing they’re in for a show

Suavemente besame te quiero sentir tus labious besando me otra vez

The words married to the beat, eagerly

run from the speakers

dancing with her about the floor

the spectators beg for more

a twist, a turn, a bound, a leap

a smile creeps cross her moistened face

pent up aggression released from her limbs

Strumming my pain with his fingers

Leaked from Lauryn’s lips

the crowds’ roars quieted to anxious whispers

she stops and listens, fatigue lingers

her movements slower, crisper

meaning held in every muscle flexed

tense from holding back bitter tears

from lost loved Nana’s hugs and

visions of strange kisses from her mama’s man

silent smiles fill the room as the ballerina

prances out and on her gloom

no more will she play the victim

to him, them

she spins, round and round she goes

flinging doubt and woes about the opposite sex

she struck a pose

and the towel curtains closed

leaving the room, her only audience