We Grind

we grind corporate skateboards

new monetary tats

sell your time

your soul

and the soles of your feet

to the grind

the world is a series of lines




and rules

the revolution may not be televised

but it will be organized

into lines i bet

from the bathroom

to the classroom

I’ve got mine’s in line

Do you?

Grinding until my calves are sculpted enough to cut diamonds

while winding through capitalist crowds

son servant surf boards

don’t sip the vines

snaking through our lives

and these kiddie rhymes


When I had a mi…

When I had a minute or two, I’d throw a poem into the typewriter and try to work out a line or get a transition from one stanza to the next. But the business world gives you almost no time to do anything but business. You are selling your soul to the devil by day and trying to buy it back at night

–James Dickey