Thanks to all those who follow or have checked out The Poetry Corner over the years, I really appreciate all the likes.

In celebration of the new year we’ve decided to launch some new features like magazine sections, articles, and a sister vlog on YouTube called THE POETRY CORNER UNMASKED where I’ll be doing poetry readings!

In addition to all that we’ve moved to a new url at ACYLME.COM. This will be the new site address from now on (YAY!)


Hey Poetry Fam!

Hey Guys,

I know it's rare for me to interrupt the flow.

But at the advice of she who has given birth to me, I've been considering starting a poetry vlog series.

What do you think good idea?!

Leave a comment, let me know...

and now back to the regularly scheduled poetry in progress.

Hey All!

Hey All!

I would just like to thank the followers of this blog for all the likes and comments last year. Hopefully 2015 will be even better.

That being said the site will be defaulted to acylme.wordpress.com temporarily while we improve our look for the new year.

Thanks so much for making The Poetry Corner a success!