If I Could

if I could learn to love you less

the sky would open up and swallow me whole

if I could learn to love you less

i bet my success would be big enough to fill the gap of your leaving

if i could manage that

then why not bend the trees at my command

if there were less to love

they’d sing your praises from rooftops

if there were less to love

i could slide my attention to shifting through time

and finally

blot out that fusty sun

just a smidgen more heartless

and i could sour pickles at will

kill daffodils

the impossibly unknown would be in my control

i’d manifest solid homes for those without

or be the master of my own eudaimonia

in time, i could

then again

in time, i could also learn to

move the stars in the sky

teach them how to play a jazz tune

whenever the moon came around

if i could learn to love me more

i guess there’d be no point to this poem

because i would have everything

i ever needed