Life Is:

A mystery, Unfold it.

A journey, Walk it.

Painful, Endure it.

Beautiful, See it.

A joke, Laugh at it.

A song, Sing it.

A flower, Smell it.

Wonderful, Enjoy it.

A candle, Light it.

Precious, Don’t waste it.

A gift, Open it.

Love, Give it.

Unlimited, Go for it.

Light, Shine in it.

–Iyanla Vanzant


When I had a minute or two,

I’d throw a poem into the typewriter

and try to work out a line or get a transition from one stanza to the next.

But the business world gives you almost no time

to do anything but business.

You are selling you soul to the devil all day

and trying to buy it back at night.

–James Dickey

The Silent Killer

Everywhere I went rape was the silent killer. But it became quickly clear to me that these women were not just the collateral damage of war. Rape was a strategic, organized, scheme to destroy entire communities.

–Angelina Jolie on working with the U.N, from Glamour’s The Guardian Angels article.